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Come See the Wildlife in Greer

If you like seeing wildlife, then visiting the White Mountains is the perfect getaway for you.

In the White Mountains, the wildlife are as abundant as they are varied. Right on the ranch you might see elk, deer and antelope as well as many kinds of smaller wildlife such as racoons, squirrels and many types of birds.

During the winter you might even see a bald eagle. They are most likely to be seen in and around trees by the area lakes.

In the mountains stretching up to the south of the ranch there are also bears, mountain lions and bobcats. These predators are generally wary of humans and can be difficult to catch sight of.

You might even be lucky enough to catch sight of a Mexican Grey Wolf which were reintroduced into the area in 1997. They truly are a spectacular sight.

The Sipe White Mountain Wildlife Area, located about 20 miles from The Ranch at Southfork, offers the opportunity to see a wide range of wildlife. More information about the wildlife area can be found on the Arizona Game and Fish website’s Wildlife Area page by clicking here.